I am a chaos, inside out,

And a mess, without a doubt.

I have a blizzard storming through my head,

Fire in my heart, which will drive you mad.


I am a chaos in the most beautiful form,

Just like the cool in the atmosphere after a storm.

And behind the pretty face that you see,

There’s a wild, wild maniac within me.


An indecipherable sphinx is what I am,

Try to understand me and you might scram.

I don’t really exist but am physically there,

But when you come near, I’ll burn out like a flare.


While trying to figure out who I am,

You’ll run in circles of mayhem.

Because I am not somebody you’re likely to meet,

As I am a mere phantasm in your dreams.


But when you meet me, even once,

Forgetting me doesn’t stand a chance.

For I am the most mysterious stranger, you’ll ever meet,

A spectre of your thoughts, crazy enough to make your heart skip a beat.







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