Escaping His Fate

Amidst the fogginess of the cold winter night,
There was a homeless pup surviving his own plight.
He shivered, this cold sending chills down his spine,
Trying his best to escape this situation and save himself from dying.

But what could have the poor soul done?
Left to God’s mercy, he was stranded alone.
Had no family or a place to reside,
As he was a stray dog, his life was pretty much based on how he survived.

As time passed by, his stomach rumbled,
Took to dumpster diving to find food that’s crumbled.
Now all he wanted was to satisfy his hunger,
Day by day, evading this quandary for him was getting harder.

After satiating himself with the leftovers,
He crawled back to his flock to stay together.
Aimlessly they roamed hither and thither,
And as the cold breeze blew, they started to wither.

However, he made it through the night,
At the crack of dawn, he followed the sunlight.
The gleaming sun blazed in him, a fire so bright,
Giving him the strength to survive another plight.

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