The Monsters In Him

He got a luring smile, he got those seducing eyes,

He knows all the tricks and tactics to tantalise.


Dare not fall for him without thinking twice,

Because he’s not going to stop until he has vandalised.


He is that vicious monsters, from whom you can’t hide,

If he has caught you, he will lead to your demise.


For loving him, destruction is to be paid as a price,

No, he isn’t going to listen to your cries.


All the sweet words coming out of his mouth are lies,

No doubt why he gets the best out of someone without much tries.


He could do wrong to you, as he is a devil in disguise,

And he continues this on reprise.


So, you better take my advice,

Because if you fall for him, you’ll be left with nothing for yourself but despise.

-Ipsita Acharya


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