सुबह सुबह #sunrise #hindipoetry

'A picturesque view of the heart-warming sun from the window of my room that not only woke me up but made me write so beautifully.'

फकत एक खयाल से तेरे,

मैंनेशब-ए-महताब को आफ्ताब में बदलते देखा है।

शामें ढलती देखीं हैं, दिन पिघलते देखा है।

Faqat ek khayal se tere,

Maine shab-e-mahtaab ko aaftaab mein badalte dekha hai.

Shaamein dhalti dekhi hain, din pighalte dekha hai.

फकत- Mere

शब-ए-महताब- Moonlit night

आफ्ताब- Sunshine

Waking up early is a daunting task, no doubt in that but losing an extra hour of sleep to write something beautifully is what I live for. This picture was taken at 6:41AM and I spent the next 2 hours writing about it. I feel contended. Well, now I am sorted for the day.

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