Autumnal bloom

My frosted lips kissed the autumn breeze,
October has arrived, told me the susurrating trees.
I can feel the nip in the air, the chill,
My heart began once more to thrill.
Happiness settles in when October arrives,
When the cool lungs of fall envelope everything that thrives.
The autumn sunshine spills through the colors of burnt crimson and auburn leaves,
Streaks of brilliance breakthrough, as newly chilled air, moves the clouds, and oaken sheaves.
I let my eyes rest for a moment, feeling the ambiance of the Feuille Morte street,
Hearing the sounds, taking in the aroma of the crushed foliage under my feet.
I looked up in the sky, the golden sun melting me down,
It was the magic hour, when the sun dyed everything in warm tones of gold and brown.
My hair whipped into my eyes by the cold crisp air,
Tousling it into buoyant curls, and silky layers.
I could feel the zephyr running through my veins,
Filling my heart with nostalgia, reminiscing memories in my brain.
I am bathing in the kind of weather that inspires long walks and poetry,
The neighborhood has turned into a riot of gold, amber, gamboge, a colorful symmetry.
The season stretches forthwith fingers of every hue,
Painting the world in shades ombre, scarlet, crimson, with a touch of dew.
This season has my sprits soaring beyond the colorful boughs above,
Looking ahead for the brilliant shafts of sunlight caress my soul with autumnal love.

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