Road Covered in Mist

I woke up to a morning covered in October mist,
And decided to head out, as I couldn’t resist.
I languidly walked on the street, with sleep clung to my eyes,
With my hands tucked in my pocket, I looked up in the sky.
I fed on the cold that wrapped around my ribs,
Also felt a film of moisture settle on my crimson lips.
Fingers of mist combed my hair and they spangled too,
Like leaves in autumn that are laden with trembling dew.
I walked past a cover of breeding green,
As the golden butter sun gleamed on my bare skin.
Then I diverted from the usual path, took a road I’d never walked upon,
And followed the ever-present symphony of zealous birdsongs.
As I walked, I came across buildings, both dilapidated and new,
The path covered with trees on both sides, a view so picturesque!
This place smelt of nostalgia, as if I’d been here, when or how I cannot tell,
So, I walked further down the road, in the direction of Shiuli’s sweet keen smell.

A Shiuli Tree

I traipsed through a stretch of irises and poincianas across,
And gently walked over the splendorous carpet of softened moss.
I finally found the Shiuli tree which was ten feet high,
With beautiful white flowers and orange tips, that bloom at night.
The intensely sweet fragrance floated in the cold breeze,
And when the dawn struck, the flowers dropped down the branches of the trees.
The yellow foliage shrouded the black roots of the tree,
And the dry crunch of dead leaves crushed underfoot filled the eerie.
The sun now shone over my pink nose and I smiled like a summer sunrise,
And the apricity in the air hugged me, this was my paradise.
Then I looked at the soiled ground covered with orange excitements and white bliss,
And stood, let the tranquillity sink in and for a moment, everything else ceased to exist.

A Bed of Flowers