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And no matter how much you’ve outgrown, there’s something inexplicably comfortable about spending a lazy summer evening lying on your terrace in your old boyfriend t-shirt paired with a pyjama under the orange hue sky, sipping tea, munching on a biscotti and reading a book and the most comfortable thing being your breathable old clothing.

These old clothes fit you in the most coziest way possible, after all, they know you inside out, all your soft curves and all your sharp edges. They are aware of everything that you hide from the rest of the world, those scars, those fights, those dreams curled up under your collarbones’ might.

And sometimes, in the most strangest of ways and circumstances, when you least expect it, you meet someone, who comforts you like an old piece of clothing.

Someone who wants to walk with you on every path of your life, to see you fail, fall and flourish. To be a shoulder to lean on when you’re tired and stand with open arms to hold you when you fall back. They fill you with an urge to be a better version of yourself, one moment at a time.

They aren’t about the fancy things rather they are the ones who make the ordinary feel special. They understand your chaos and choose to help you compose yourself in the most beautiful way.

When you’re with them, you’re your most authentic and passionate self, such a raw version of you, that even you didn’t know that this version of you existed. You unmask yourself, show them your vulnerable self, and lay down all your demons in front of them and ask them to look inside of you. You let them unravel the mysterious layers of yourself.
They crawl under your skin and wrap your insecurities as if they’re their own. They push you to face those insecurities, but this time, together.

They set fire to your self doubts and make you accept them, face them, and get done with them for once and all. They go through all your phases, and still find magic in your crisis. It is with them that you live each moment in vivid colours, tucking all the struggles and anxieties in the back pocket of your tattered jeans with sunshine gleaming from the corner of your smiles, every time that you kissed.

This person invigorates you to grow and catch you when you fall, every time. They send chills and thrills down your spine and every time that they trace their fingertips on your skin, it feels home. Home, a place where you are wanted, a place where you are needed, a place where you are safe and snug, just like your old t-shirt. This person fits your soul in the same ways that your body fits in your old clothes, and sometimes, you want to cling on to such people for a lifetime.

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